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The Official Car of Do Rev Mi

1965 Ford Mustang "Producer"

Built by the Ringbrothers



Engine Type:   Ford Windsor
Displacement:   436 ci
Block: Dart iron
Bore & stroke:   4.17 x 4.00
Compression:   12:1
Rotating assembly:   Eagle forged crank and rods with Diamond forged pistons
Cylinder heads:   ported Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Camshaft:   Crane custom grind
Valvetrain:   Crane roller rockers and lifters, T&D shaft rockers
Intake manifold:   Edelbrock Victor intake
Induction:   850-cfm Hard-Core Gray Holley HP Ultra carb with custom Ringbrothers air induction
Exhaust:   Ringbrothers custom headers and exhaust, Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers
Oiling:   Mangus dry-sump oil system
Ignition:   Crane HI6 with MSD distributor
Cooling:   C&R custom oil cooler with front-mount filter, BeCool radiator, Spal electric fans
Output:   740 hp, 700 lb-ft of torque
Built by:   Keith Craft
Transmission: Bowler Performance T56, QuickTime bellhousing, McCleod twin-disc clutch with Hurst shifter
Rearend: Ford 9-inch with 4:10 gears
Front suspension: Art Morrison chassis with tubular control arms, Afco coilovers with 450-lb/in springs
Rear suspension: Art Morrison chassis with Watt’s link, Afco coilovers with 250-lb/in springs
Brakes: 14-inch rotors with Baer 6S 6-piston calipers front and rear, Tilton master cylinder
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 18x10 and 19x12.5 custom Forgeline
Tires: 315/30R18 and 345/30R19 Michelin Pilot Sport